How We Control Quality & Our Inspection Procedure...

1. At first we hand over the order to two of our merchandiser and two QA people.These teams are responsible for this order. Every morning they discuss the whole status in the daily meeting with our COO/ General Manager, Merchandising.
2. Factory makes the sample as per final changes and comments from the buyer on the products. Our QA and merchandiser study together with approved FIT samples and the comments from buyer.
3. After receiving the fabrics and accessories at factory, one of the QA and merchandiser concerning that particular order stay in the factory from morning to evening (production time) until final inspection/shipment.
4. We always make a pre production meeting before we go into production. Our merchandiser and QA inspector go to the factory at the time of pre production meeting, check the sample, pattern and final comments from buyer and if they are satisfied then they give instruction to the factory people for a trial production.
5. QA inspectors evaluate trial production and then approve for bulk production. As soon as bulk production is stated our QA inspector goes for inline inspection. Initially every day, then every alternate day, depends on the situation of the FTY/ production.
6. In the middle stage of production if dupro rating (standard of quality) result is acceptable/good then we go for pre-final inspection. Here we check the case pack, carton quality, shipping mark, assortment, presentation etc.
7. After pre-final result is acceptable we go for final inspection and if it pass we approve shipment.

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